Harvest Collaboration

FSNC’s Harvest Collaboration project involves linking Satisfy Food Rescue with growers to supply fresh produce, harvesters to collect the produce, and processors to process the excess produce into food supplies with a longer shelf life (ie, preserves, jams, frozen stewed fruit and jams).

We are working to expand our network of growers, harvesters, and processors, in order to reduce food waste, enable local skill development opportunities and community connection and support, and continue to strengthen food resilience in North Canterbury. Oxford and District Lions were the first group to connect to the Harvest Collaboration in late 2020 when FSNC funded seed potatoes and fertiliser for them to grow and donate back to Satisfy.

The partner organisations in FSNC consists of representatives from North Canterbury food banks, Social Services Waimakariri, Satisfy Food Rescue, Kaiapoi Food Forest, Waimakariri & Hurunui District Councils, Kaiapoi Community Garden, Oxford Community Trust, and Community Wellbeing North Canterbury Trust.

The Oxford and District Lions Group (ODLG) and Satisfy

ODLG grow potatoes and other vegetables on land owned by a member. The volunteers at the Lions then harvest the potatoes and other produce to donate back to Satisfy. This is great for the foodbanks and other community organisations, they get really fresh produce that has a long shelf life.  It felt good for ODLG to be doing something in the challenging time of 2020 when our community was in need. Neville Major-Johnston owns the land the potatoes are grown on, Geoff Rountree grows the pumpkins at his property, these are then cut and wrapped to be donated back to Satisfy. This collaboration is set to continue into the future.
Since the start of this collaboration around 15 tonnes of potatoes and 2 tonnes of pumpkins have been harvested and donated to Satisfy to support foodbanks and community organisations across the Waimakariri and Hurunui Districts and Christchurch City.

Kaiapoi High School and Satisfy

Satisfy started working with the Kaiapoi High School in 2019 by supplying food for the breakfast club and after school activities, this has grown through FSNC Harvest Collaboration to include food donated to assist curriculum based learning such as preserving pears and feijoas and cooking donated mince and tomatoes to make lasagna.  KHS will soon be teaching soup making with donated pumpkin from the Lions. This food is donated back to Satisfy to pass on to our foodbanks and community organisations supporting people in need.

Satisfy Food Rescue

Satisfy has been operational since 2015, they are currently distributing food to support 34 recipient organisations across North Canterbury. Satisfy has distributed over 750 tonnes of food to date which equates to over 2 million meals.

Currently we are only looking for growers, harvesters, and producers that are based in North Canterbury or Christchurch areas.